2018 till date

Mr.Kalpesh.R Guard-CFO of Actonia Inc.and TopdayCareCenter.

We as a team would like to thank Mr.Guard for his generous sponsorship of the Lego Mindstorm EV3 Core Set without which we  wouldn’t have been able to program and compete. Your support, help and patience helped us believe in our potential. As stated by Cat Osterman “when someone you have lot of respect for believes in you,it helps you  believe in yourself ””-IRA Innovate

2018 till date

                                                                Club House-120 Manchester Drive

“Our sincere gratitude to  President Pamela Yaeger, Vice President Lois KATZ, and  all Board Members of Manchester Greens Condominium Association to lend us the club house-120 Manchester Drive. Without your generous support it would have been difficult for Blazing Stars to practice their robot game; having the right support at the right time made a tremendous impact on the self-esteem of our team members. Misty Copeland rightly states “Be strong, be fearless, be beautiful. And believe that anything is possible when you have the right people there to support you””-IRA Innovate


ARCO Murray/Bike Ride

“Thank you for the grant of $100 which helped us pay for the Illinois qualifier registration”- Blazing Stars.


Mr.Kevin Weasler-Owner of Culver’s Lincolnshire with Blazing Stars

“Team Blazing Stars would like to thank you for your donation and sponsorship. We started off as a rookie team with little or no experience, but only a vision to compete. We had hope alongside us the whole way and thank you Culvers for making our hope a reality. There was a time when our spirits started to drop since we did not have enough funds; until that fine day when we came to Culver’s and we had a miracle occur. You sponsored us! With your sponsorship we were able to buy team t-shirts, motors and many more items needed for our project and it boosted our spirits. On behalf of my team, a special thanks to the Culver’s team who supported us”.

“Somebody once said “No matter what accomplishments you make, somebody helped you” and for us, that somebody is you””-Tanay



Club House-120 Manchester Drive

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