Welcome to IRA Innovate

The name “IRA” embodies diverse cultural importance. IRA
a. means “Watchful” in Hebrew
b.appears as one of the “mighty men”in the Bible.
c.male name symbolizes”Wind-God”in Sanskrit, whereas female name means “The earth”.
d.in Hindu Culture is another name given to Goddess Saraswati-“Goddess of Wisdom”

As the name”IRA”implies,our innovators are a group of students who work hard each day to bring in positive change in themselves and their community in large.

We At IRA Innovate Believe

“There are no secrets to success,it is the result of preparation,hard work and learning from failure"-Colin Powell an American statesman

Our Mission

To foster growth mindset, and 21st Century skills through standard based STEAM activities for Buffalo Grove and neighboring community kids.

Our Vision

Empower kids with 21st century skills to inspire positive change in all communities.

Our Slogan

Learn, Grow, Inspire

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