Fundraising Activities

Team Blazing Stars organized different fundraising activities to raise money to register for FLL Illinois Qualifying Round which cost $150.

On July 4th 2018, team Blazing Stars organized their first fundraiser activity-a lemonade stand. Community members in and around Buffalo Grove area came in to help,including members of  Buffalo Grove police department.

Officer stopped by to support team-Blazing Stars

Buffalo Grove police department helped team Blazing Stars by giving them permission to put up a lemonade stand, and by donating to the team.

Officer stopped by to support team-Blazing Stars

“Team blazing stars held a lemonade stand on July 4th 2018 to raise money for FLL IL Qualifying Round. Two Buffalo Grove police officers came and supported us. From the lemonade stand we raised $101.35 which helped our team register for the qualifying rounds. On behalf of my team, I want to say thank you to those two officers and the whole Buffalo Grove police team. We couldn’t have done it without your support”- Isha

On July 29th 2018 team Blazing Stars organised a fundraiser at Culver’s.

Our sincere gratitude to Culver’s for helping us organize this fundraiser.

Team Blazing Stars  organized a fundraiser whereby team members completed simple chores for different members of the community.

We sincerely thank all community members for the trust and love they showered on team-Blazing Stars